Simple steps in making your PC run faster

Is your PC running very slow for you? Are you frustrated trying several ways to boot up your PC but did not work? Looking at ways how to make computer faster? If you try to get a tutorial how to make a pc run faster, it’s way good to read till all done.

Hold on! Have a look! No need to be a computer savvy to learn how to make computer faster. No need to pay any professional. Here are some simple steps that you need to follow how to make computer faster.


1. Clean up your PC


This does not mean that you need to dust up your PC only from outer side but you do need to clean all your data which is stored in your PC and which is of no longer used, it means you need to delete your old files, your programs, your software, cookies and even empty out the recycle bin on your PC. This will not only help your PC free from Disk space but will also help you to run your computer faster. Try doing this on a regularly basis. This is the simplest way how to make computer faster.


2. Deleting your programs


It is always advisable not to run too many programs at the same time as this may damper your computer speed. Close down the programs which are presently not required by you. Always have a look of the programs that are running on your computer.


3. Free from Virus


Another way how to make computer faster is to check out whether your computer is infected by virus or not. You need to protect your computer with a good antispyware. Make sure you have uploaded a recommended antispyware into your computer. Whenever you start downloading any program, many malicious programs run in the background. So it is advisable to scan your computer always to see any of your files is infected by these virus.


4. Registry cleanup


Is your PC still running slow even though the virus is removed? Then it might be possible that your registry is infected by virus. Registry is an important place where your computer relies on. Infected registries will slower down your PC. What you need to do is repair your registry with a registry cleaner. Registry cleaner downloads are available. Download it and then scan your PC. They will help you to reorganize your registry.