Computer Windows 10 freezes on startup

Computer Windows 10 freezes on startup

An unsuspecting computer user may find it dreading to see his/her computer windows 10 freezes on startup. It can happen to anyone without warning and even if your computer starts up again, it might not perform the same way as it used to be. 

With that said, you might start looking for a fix or a solution to this problem on the internet. But before you do this, you should understand that a computer freezes on startup can be due to registry problems.


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Deleting, moving or changing an installed program can bring about errors in the registry especially when the process is done erroneously or if there was a problem in the process.

Other problems that may arise and cause computer Windows 10 freezes on startup :

– non-removal of un-installed files/programs [remnants]
– missing or corrupt hardware drives
– missing startup programs

Invalid files and programs in the registry can induce system instability which may then cause Windows OS to crash and display error messages. Frequent system crashes and system slow-down usually follows.

A registry repair program can help fix these problems and you will see significant results in your computer’s speed and performance, thus, helping the system to achieve stability.

Scanning for invalid registry entries is possible with a registry repair program.


How Important the Registry is?


Windows registry also helps in identifying error locations and possible errors that may occur.

Current registry repair programs scan errors related to Windows installer problems, Windows explorer errors.

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Use Registry Repair Program


By using a good registry repair program, you can be sure that it can safely and effectively clean and improve your computer’s performance. It should be able to fix corrupt files and prevent any possible occurrences of errors.

Make sure that you choose a registry repair program that you can use easily and efficiently. Choose the one/s that provide a range of error-correcting capabilities, maintenance and back-up that can greatly improve your computer’s performance.